Personal Fable

by Pat Llewellyn & the Parade

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I often feel like an over grown man-child and allow myself to be consumed by regrets of the past and fear of the future. I'm trying to not do that as much anymore. I'm probably a lot like you.


released March 30, 2015

These songs were all written and recorded within one month of each other between October 2014 and January 2015.

"Peaceful Man" and "The Fine Line" music and lyrics written by Pat Llewellyn
"Anxiety" music written by Pat Llewellyn and Rob Freeman - Lyrics by Patrick Llewellyn
"Distraction" music and lyrics written by Pat Llewellyn and Steve Pultz

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Rob Freeman at Audio Pilot Studios - Boonton, NJ
Additional recording on "Anxiety" by James Strazza (Rockaway, NJ) and Scott Daniel (Boonton, NJ)
"Anxiety" noise by Pat Llewellyn and Joe Egan at Missile Silo Studios (Hopatcong, NJ)
Mastered by Joe Egan Jake Egan at Missile Silo Studios.

Artwork concept by Pat Llewellyn
Photos by Rob Freeman
Artwork layout and design by Brandon Schack



all rights reserved


Pat Llewellyn & the Parade New Jersey

Dont stand behind the divide. Join the Parade.

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Track Name: Peaceful Man
Something said aggressively and taken as it meant hence this black eye
Salvaged what was left of dignity
I'm doing fine
Another needless casualty from war that's always raging in my head
One side sabotages every path
The other limps toward progress

You can call me crazy
And I'd slap that stupid smile right off your face
I'd like to think myself a peaceful man
But once bitter one cannot forget the taste

Leading opposition there's a child stomping his feet pulling the strings
Throwing temper tantrums when I don't let him win

You can call me lazy
For never anchoring my faith
I'd like to think myself a decent man
But once bitter one cannot forget the taste

And you can call me crazy
I'm proud to say you're not that far off base
I'd like to cal myself a peaceful man
But once bitter one will never be the same
Track Name: The Fine Line
The culture I've been wading through is meaningless
Since mediocrity has taken over
Beating dead horses to a pulp
There's some words that I've been writing to oppose it all
And call to arms our brothers in dissent
But who am I to judge?

A simple joke
For a simple mind
The simple philosophies
Of a simple man
Full of toxic point of view and that's no way to live your life
When honestly there's no honest way
Functionally well behaved
Dumb it down for myself all to maintain

When a constant use of sarcasm
Mistook for condescension
Time after time
The fine line between wit and being an asshole

Discussing nothing over morning coffee when
An impulse for an insult pushes forward
With age I have learned to hold my tongue
Track Name: Anxiety
Impulsive to a fault
With anger and my hate
The life of a fool
Lived the coward's way
Have I no sense of pride?
Is there face enough to save?
Too tired to care

But I'm not going to sleep
Gets the best of me
Until I can't breathe
Clawing at the sheets
Fighting reality
I'll be the death of me

I'll stumble through the day
Beaten into place
A step out of line
Took the coward's way
I'll take my own advice
The day it pays the bills
The life of a fool

For all the time I've wasted in my life
For all the times I never even tried
And regret so fucking powerful it haunts my every day
And sleepless nights of self-destructive rage
Track Name: Distraction
Smashing the television
It's getting hard for me to watch
As decency is washed away
Culture that leaves nothing
To the imagination
Raised in pride
And ripe for shame
Another pointless brush with fame
But the excitement it can bring

Keep the world at war
When we're all just the same
Sounds so plain
C'est la vie
I'm a man
On my knees
"Please distraction, keep distracting me"

A need to feel special
To be an individual
Inside of the trend
Pleasure and convenience
The makings of an impulse
It's obscene but seldom heard
Another pointless bunch of words
But the excitement it can bring

Keep the world at war
Cover progress in shame
Until it's gone
C'est la vie
Standing up
From my knees
"Please distraction, why do you keep distracting me?"

Keep the world at world
In a battle for change
Not ourselves
Point the blame
Ain't it all
Just a game?
"Please distraction, I'm not a child. Let me be."